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168 2505d 04h garren /branches/HEPMC_02_01_branch/ store particles in vectors instead of sets Diff
167 2505d 04h garren /branches/HEPMC_02_01_branch/HepMC/ 2.01.08 Diff
165 2505d 05h garren /branches/HEPMC_02_01_branch/ *** empty log message *** Diff
164 2505d 05h garren /branches/HEPMC_02_01_branch/HepMC/ more fully qualified names Diff
163 2509d 05h garren /branches/HEPMC_02_01_branch/ 2.01.06 alpha Diff
162 2509d 05h garren /branches/HEPMC_02_01_branch/test/ improve test scripts Diff
161 2509d 05h garren /branches/HEPMC_02_01_branch/ changes to make rootcint happy Diff
145 2582d 02h garren /branches/HEPMC_02_01_branch/ 2.01.06 Diff
144 2582d 02h garren /branches/HEPMC_02_01_branch/ swap Diff
143 2582d 02h garren /branches/HEPMC_02_01_branch/ add and use swap Diff
142 2582d 03h garren /branches/HEPMC_02_01_branch/ add and use swap Diff
141 2582d 03h garren /branches/HEPMC_02_01_branch/HepMC/ implement and use swap Diff
140 2582d 04h garren /branches/HEPMC_02_01_branch/ add swap Diff
139 2582d 04h garren /branches/HEPMC_02_01_branch/ swap and valid methods Diff
138 2582d 08h garren /branches/HEPMC_02_01_branch/ fix copy and assignment Diff
132 2601d 07h garren /branches/HEPMC_02_01_branch/test/ test Diff
131 2601d 09h garren /branches/HEPMC_02_01_branch/ 2.01.05 Diff
126 2602d 06h garren /branches/HEPMC_02_01_branch/ 2.01.04 Diff
125 2602d 06h garren /branches/HEPMC_02_01_branch/ bug fixes Diff
124 2602d 09h garren /branches/HEPMC_02_01_branch/ bug fix Diff