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517 952d 13h garren /branches/HEPMC_02_07_proposal/ add write_io method for streaming output Diff
514 966d 13h garren /branches/HEPMC_02_07_proposal/ bug fixes from the head Diff
504 978d 12h garren /branches/HEPMC_02_07_proposal/src/ fix warning Diff
503 978d 15h garren /branches/HEPMC_02_07_proposal/ move mock root IO to the examples Diff
502 978d 15h garren /branches/HEPMC_02_07_proposal/ remove autoconf support for Windows Diff
498 978d 17h garren /branches/HEPMC_02_07_proposal/ merging changes from head Diff
473 1215d 14h garren /branches/HEPMC_02_07_proposal/ adding mock root IO Diff
472 1218d 15h garren /branches/HEPMC_02_07_proposal/ adding write_vertex_list and write_particle_list Diff
471 1224d 17h garren /branches/HEPMC_02_07_proposal/ ready to change IO Diff
469 1224d 19h garren /branches/HEPMC_02_07_proposal/ begin to provide transient and persistent data members Diff
468 1229d 16h /branches/ This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branch
455 1336d 18h garren /trunk/ fix bug #76527 Diff
448 1412d 13h garren /trunk/src/ copy flow Diff
444 1475d 11h garren /trunk/ do not need clear_temp_map Diff
443 1475d 11h garren /trunk/ put a try/catch around read_vertex Diff
442 1475d 12h garren /trunk/ adding clear_temp_map Diff
441 1475d 13h garren /trunk/src/ cleanup when reading bad event Diff
440 1494d 12h garren /trunk/ partial fix for memory leak Diff
437 1552d 13h garren /trunk/ set datarootdir Diff
436 1553d 12h garren /trunk/ remove ConstGenVertexParticleRange since GenVertex has no particle_const_iterator or vertex_const_iterator Diff