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75 3281d 08h /tags/ This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create tag
74 3281d 08h garren /trunk/ fix test for doxygen  
73 3281d 08h garren /trunk/ fixing test for Windows  
72 3286d 03h garren /trunk/ ready for release 2.00.02  
71 3286d 03h garren /trunk/ ready for release 2.00.02  
70 3286d 03h garren /trunk/doc/ use html header  
69 3288d 05h garren /trunk/ update for doxygen 1.5.1  
68 3288d 05h garren /trunk/doc/ for doxygen 1.5.1  
67 3294d 06h garren /trunk/ add example functions that convert from SimpleVector to HepLorentzVector  
66 3294d 11h garren /trunk/doc/ *** empty log message ***  
65 3295d 04h garren /trunk/ fix everything so doxygen works  
64 3298d 06h garren /trunk/ gearing up for proper doxygen manuals  
63 3299d 05h garren /trunk/ add explicit scope  
62 3299d 06h garren /trunk/ how to read a file you just wrote  
61 3299d 10h garren /trunk/ fix doc Makefile  
60 3300d 04h garren /trunk/test/ fix for MacOSX  
58 3305d 07h garren /trunk/ release 2.00.01  
57 3305d 07h garren /trunk/doc/ install in doc/HepMC  
56 3307d 09h garren /trunk/test/ more info on output  
55 3307d 11h garren /trunk/ add SimpleVector test  

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