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  --------------------------  HepMC-2.01.08  --------------------------

2007-10-23  Lynn Garren

        * GenVertex: Store particles in vectors instead of sets.
          Root IO does not properly restore the state of the particle 
          serial number counter, so the previous solution to retaining
          consistent particle ordering within a vertex had to be revisited.

        * IO_Ascii, IO_ExtendedAscii: Replace the temparary particle map
          with the more sophisticated TempParticleMap.

        * HepMC/SearchVector.h: Utilities to facilitate working with the
          vector of particles.

        * HepMC/TempParticleMap.h: Temporary particle container that 
          allows us to maintain particle ordering when reading an event 
          with IO_Ascii and IO_ExtendedAscii.

  --------------------------  HepMC-2.01.07  --------------------------

2007-10-19  Lynn Garren

        * Use fully qualified names (e.g., HepMC::GenParticle) inside class
          templates (e.g., std::map<>) wherever they are used within a 
          header so that rootcint can make the dictionary.

  --------------------------  HepMC-2.01.06  --------------------------

2007-08-07  Lynn Garren

        * HepMC/GenEvent.h, GenVertex.h,GenParticle.h : add swap method
        * src/,, 
          use best practices for assignment and copy constructor

        * HepMC/SimpleVector.h: add swap method
        * HepMC/Flow.h: add swap method
        * HepMC/WeightContainer.h: add swap method

        * HepMC/Polarization.h: add swap method
          add private valid_theta and valid_phi methods for use by constructors
          src/ use best practices for assignment and copy constructor

  --------------------------  HepMC-2.01.05  --------------------------

2007-07-19  Lynn Garren

        * HepMC/HeavyIon.h: make it nice for rootcint

  --------------------------  HepMC-2.01.04  --------------------------

2007-07-18  Lynn Garren

        * various bug fixes and protections

  --------------------------  HepMC-2.01.03  --------------------------

2007-07-11  Lynn Garren

        * src/IO*.cc: write HepMC version number

  --------------------------  HepMC-2.01.02  --------------------------

2007-07-10  Lynn Garren

        * HepMC/Version.h: add the ability to print the HepMC version number
        * src/ write HepMC version number

2007-07-09  Lynn Garren

        * src/ read/write beam particle information
          fix a problem with reading optional info
        * test/testMass.*: compare generated and calculated masses

2007-06-29  Lynn Garren

        * HepMC/GenEvent.h, src/ define beam process methods
           bool valid_beam_particles() const;
           std::pair<GenParticle*,GenParticle*> beam_particles() const;
           bool set_beam_particles(GenParticle*, GenParticle*);
           bool set_beam_particles(std::pair<GenParticle*,GenParticle*> const &);

        * fio/, fio/ set incoming beam particles

        * HepMC/PythiaWrapper*: remove old process struct

2007-06-21  Lynn Garren

        * HepMC/GenEvent.h: add methods to set and access the number of 
          multi particle interactions in the event.  
          The default value of this number is -1.
        * src/ read and write MPI information

2007-06-19  Lynn Garren

        * HepMC/GenParticle.h: use uint64_t for the serial number counter

  --------------------------  HepMC-2.01.00  --------------------------

2007-06-08  Lynn Garren

        * HepMC/GenEvent.h, src/ add clear() method

        * HepMC/GenParticleComparison.h:
          define a GenParticle comparator
        * HepMC/GenParticle.h, src/
          set a serial number to be used by GenParticleComparison
        * HepMC/Flow.h, HepMC/GenVertex.h, src/, src/
          use std::set<GenParticle*,GenParticleComparison>
        * test: automatic comparison of output files is now possible

  --------------------------  HepMC-2.00.04  --------------------------

2007-06-01  Lynn Garren

        * HepMC/GenEvent.h, src/ change interface such that 
          GenEvent makes its own copy of HeavyIon and PdfInfo

2007-05-29  Lynn Garren

        * src/ initialize range in default constructor
        * src/IO_Ascii*.cc: make sure every object is properly deleted
        * test/ add iterator test

  --------------------------  HepMC-2.00.03  --------------------------

2007-04-23  Lynn Garren

        * bootstrap,, doc/
          To avoid problems with different versions of latex, just build
          the documents during the bootstrap step.  
        * doc/ builds the documents if doxygen and latex are present

2007-04-20  Lynn Garren

        * HepMC/include/PythiaWrapper*.h:
          inline the method definitions to avoid conflicts
        * examples/ put pythia intialization in a separate
          file so we can test PythiaWrapper

  --------------------------  HepMC-2.00.02  --------------------------

2007-02-12 Lynn Garren

        * test/ works on Windows (Cygwin), MacOSX, and Linux

2007-02-07 Lynn Garren

        * doc/doxygen-template: provide an html template

2007-01-30 Lynn Garren

        * doc/doxygen.conf: use doxygen 1.5.1

2007-01-30 Lynn Garren

        * examples/ add example of 
          conversion from SimpleVector to HepLorentzVector
        * examples/VectorConversion.h: VectorConversion.h is meant as a 
          template for user code converting to the vector of your choice.

2007-01-29 Lynn Garren

        * fix everything so doxygen will create a useful reference manual
          nearly every file has been touched, but only the comments changed

2007-01-25 Lynn Garren

        * examples/ read in the events you just wrote
        * examples/*.cc: put all uses of IO_Ascii within an explicit scope

        *, doc/ if latex is found, get the path

        * test/ make the diff work for MacOSX

        --------------------  HepMC-02-00-01  ---------------------------------

2007-01-17 Lynn Garren

        * test/ exercise the vector methods

2007-01-16 Lynn Garren

        * HepMC/SimpleVector.icc: implement ThreeVector::set(x,y,z)

2006-08-23 Lynn Garren

        * install examples in $(prefix)/examples/HepMC
        * check for latex and build documents if latex is present

        --------------------  HepMC-02-00-00  ---------------------------------

2006-08-22 Lynn Garren

        * src/ read and write generated mass as part of 
          particle line.

2006-08-18 Lynn Garren

        * doc/HepMC2_user_manual.tex documentation for HepMC 2

2006-08-01 Lynn Garren

        * HepMC/is_arithmetic.h, HepMC/enable_if.h supplied by Walter Brown 
          for a clean template constructor implementation.

2006-07-23 Lynn Garren

        * HepMC/SimpleVector.h: add a templated constructor for both FourVector
          and ThreeVector that will take any lorentz vector which has the 
          x(), y(), z(), and t() methods.  This should enable existing code 
          that uses CLHEP Vector classes to keep working.

2006-07-19 Lynn Garren

        * replace CLHEP/Vector/LorentzVector.h and CLHEP/Vector/ThreeVector.h  
          with HepMC/SimpleVector.h
          implement some of the basic vector properties so user code won't break

        --------------------  HepMC-01-28-00  ---------------------------------

2006-08-08 Lynn Garren

        * HepMC/IO_ExtendedAscii.h: Extended format writes PdfInfo and HeavyIon
          if they are present in the event.  This is otherwise identical 
          to IO_Ascii.h.

2006-07-30 Lynn Garren

        * HepMC/HEPEVT_Wrapper.h: fix for 64bit machines

2006-07-26 Lynn Garren
        * HepMC/PdfInfo.h implements information requested by CMS
        * GenEvent.h, make sure m_pdf_info is initialized to 0

        --------------------  HepMC-01-27-02  ---------------------------------

2006-06-19 Lynn Garren

        * fix test for Windows
        * add ReadMe.cygwin-VC71 and setup.cygwin-VC71

2006-06-14 Lynn Garren

        *,, use standard C++ output
        * testPrintBug new test for output problems with gcc 4.x
        * HepMC/HepMC_CLHEP20.h defines several typedefs needed when compiling 
           with CLHEP 2.0.x
        * HEPEVT_Wrapper.h, HerwigWrapper6_4.h, PythiaWrapper6_2.h
           need extern "C" statements for gcc 4.x
        * HepMC_CLHEP20.h, Polarization.h, GenVertex.h, GenParticle.h
           HepMC will work with both CLHEP 1.9.x and 2.0.x

        --------------------  HepMC-01-27-01  ---------------------------------

2006-03-31 Lynn Garren

        * GenEvent.h, make sure m_heavy_ion is initialized to 0

2006-03-29 Lynn Garren

        * HepMC/ParticleData.h remove dependency on CLHEP/Units by HepMC_hbarc
        * HepMC/Polarization.h remove dependency on CLHEP/Units by HepMC_pi

        --------------------  HepMC-01-27-00  ---------------------------------

2006-03-07 Lynn Garren

        * add simple check in the test subdirectory

2006-02-17 Lynn Garren

        * HepMC/HeavyIon.h names have been changed to match both HepMC and
        wishes of heavy ion users

2006-01-12 Lynn Garren

        HepPDT 1.26 is available at
        * HepMC/HeavyIon.h implements information requested by CMS
        * HepMC/GenParticle.h has pointer (null by default) to HeavyIon
        * code providing interfaces to Fortran common blocks has been moved
        out of libHepMC and into libHepMCfio

        --------------------  HepMC-01-02-26  ---------------------------------

        --------------------  HepMC-01-02-21  ---------------------------------

2005-04-27 Matt Dobbs and Giorgos
        * src/IO_HERWIG.cxx implemented a bug fix suggested by borut, 
        which keeps the remapping of daughters/motherrs from going "over
        the end" on herwig events (was noticed in the tauola events for 
        rome DC).

2004-08-04  David Quarrie  <>

        * cmt/requirements: Change dependencies on CERNLIB and CLHEP 
        to AtlasCERNLIB and AtlasCLHEP to avoid name clashes

        --------------------  HepMC-01-02-19  ----(gcc 3.2 compatible)---------

2004-04-22  Matt Dobbs  <Matt.Dobbs@Cern.CH>

        * src/IO_HERWIG.cxx (HepMC): fixed bug reported by Hinchliffe in
        IO_HERWIG wherein (for the special case of min bias events only)
        number of entries in HEPEVT was being zero-ed by the IO_HERWIG
        class. Added extra protection in HEPEVT_Wrapper for this as well.

        --------------------  HepMC-01-02-18  ----(gcc 3.2 compatible)---------

2004-03-27  Matt Dobbs  <Matt.Dobbs@Cern.CH>

        Removed the #define statements that allow backwards compatibility
        with gcc 2.95, and specialized the 3.2 compliant iterators to be
        forward iterators such that they work properly with std

        Thanks to Ulrik Egede for pointing this out.
        * HepMC/GenVertex.h, .cxx HepMC/GenEvent.h, .cxx: changed 
        for standard
        compliance, and removed #define statements.
        * HepMC/IO_Ascii.h,.cxx: changed open_mode to openmode for standard
        compliance, and removed #define statements.

2003-12-17  David Rousseau  <>

        * cmt/requirements: remove HepMC_libraries

2003-10-22  Matt Dobbs  <Matt.Dobbs@Cern.CH>

        * src/GenEvent.cxx and lots of other files + latex documentation.
        REmoved any mention of units--- GeV, MeV etc, since HepMC merely
        accepts whatever is put in. I do this because, though HEPEVT has
        used GeV/mm, ATLAS plans to use CLHEP units of MeV/mm.

2003-10-15  Matt Dobbs  <Matt.Dobbs@Cern.CH>

        * src/GenParticle.cxx (HepMC): added a default constructor for
        GenParticle as requested by Giorgos S.

        --------------------  HepMC-01-02-14  ----(gcc 3.2 compatible)---------

2003-04-21  Matt Dobbs  <Matt.Dobbs@Cern.CH>

        * src/IO_HERWIG.cxx: 
        minor changes to handling of herwig event record
        --------------------  HepMC-01-02-11  ----(gcc 3.2 compatible)---------

2003-03-10  Matt Dobbs  <Matt.Dobbs@Cern.CH>

        * HepMC/IO_BaseClass.h: 
        Fixed bug reported by Peter Loch, wherein the virtual destructor
        for IO_BaseClass was missing.

        --------------------  HepMC-01-02-10  ----(gcc 3.2 compatible)---------

2003-03-03  Matt Dobbs  <Matt.Dobbs@Cern.CH>

        * HepMC/GenVertex.h: added extra ifdef statement to allow
        compilation on gcc 3.2. (forward_iterator and open_mode problems).
        * HepMC/IO_Ascii.h: as above.
        * src/IO_Ascii.cxx (HepMC): as above.

2003-01-17  Matt Dobbs  <Matt.Dobbs@Cern.CH>

        * src/IO_PDG_ParticleDataTable.cxx (HepMC): if the PDG table does
        not exist, we abort, rather than just returning false.

        --------------------  HepMC-01-02-04  ----(5.0.0)------------
2002-11-04  Matt Dobbs  <Matt.Dobbs@Cern.CH>

        * src/GenEvent.cxx (HepMC): set_barcode(particle, barcode),
        set_barcode(vertex, barcode) Fixed a bug reported by Giorgos S.
        For this bug, a user suggests a barcode for a vertex that is
        already part of an event... the vertex is inserted in the vertex
        map with the new barcode, but HepMC forgets to erase the old
        entry... such that the vertex now appears twice in the map.  This
        is fixed, and the corresponding error for particles is also fixed.
2002-10-31  Matt Dobbs  <Matt.Dobbs@Cern.CH>

        * HepMC/IO_HERWIG.h: modified IO_HERWIG to include a switch
        (default m_no_gaps_in_barcodes=on) which removes null entries from
        Herwig HEPEVT and reshuffles the common block

2002-10-22  Matt Dobbs  <Matt.Dobbs@Cern.CH>

        * HepMC/HerwigWrapper6_4.h, HepMC/HerwigWrapper.h: new interface
        to HERWIG Version 6.4 is added. There is an example for using it
        at examples/example_MyHerwig.cxx. To use this example you will
        have to download HERWIG version 6.4 and modify the Makefile to
        link it.

        * HepMC/IO_HERWIG.h: New class for reading the Herwig version of
        the HEPEVT common block is added. READ THE COMMENTS IN THE .h file
        carefully before using it!

2002-07-29  Matt Dobbs  <Matt.Dobbs@Cern.CH>
        --------------------  HepMC-01-02-03  ----(4.0.2)------------

        * src/GenVertex.cxx (HepMC): remove_particle()
        * HepMC/GenVertex.h: 
        removed confusing comment about the use of GenVertex::remove_particle()
        in .h file, and clarified the comment in .cxx file.

        * src/GenEvent.cxx (HepMC): operator=
        bug discovered by <>.
        Formerly, the GenEvent::operator= method relied on the particles
        attached to each vertex to always be in the same order. However,
        since the particles are stored in set<>, this is not always true
        -- making the results of the operator= method unreliable.
        This is fixed by mapping the vertices explicitly.
        * src/IO_PDG_ParticleDataTable.cxx (HepMC): 
        added a line in read_entry that ignores empty lines (previously
        empty lines in the pdg data table generated a cerr message).
        This change was requested by Davida Costanzo.

2002-03-02  Matt Dobbs  <Matt.Dobbs@Cern.CH>
        --------------------  HepMC-01-02-02  ----(3.0.1)------------
        * src/GenVertex.cxx (HepMC): 
        GenVertex::edge_iterator::edge_iterator( .. )
        Extra error protection added in the constructor.
        Sometimes the edge_iterator fails when we have a vertex with no
        in_particles. This never happens in standalone mode, but when ran
        with the ATLAS framework, it does happen. New code identifies the
        scenario explicitly, and catches the error, which has to do with
        the past-the-end value of the edge_iterator.
        * test/test_iterators.cxx: new test program added for iterators,
        to test for the above problems.

2002-02-19  Matt Dobbs  <Matt.Dobbs@Cern.CH>

        * cmt/requirements: added the line
        macro_append cppflags "" Solaris      " -D__SUNPRO_CC "
        to handle Solaris CC 5.2 features.
        * HepMC/ParticleDataTable.h: 
        turns on MISSING_FORWARD_ITERATOR when __SUNPRO_CC is defined.
        This defines forward_iterator as iterator

        * HepMC/GenVertex.h: 
        same as ParticleDataTable.h, but also turns on 
        NEED_SOLARIS_FRIEND_FEATURE when __SUNPRO_CC is defined. 

        * src/Polarization.cxx (HepMC): 
        replaced abs() with theta = ( theta>0 ? theta : -theta );
        for compatibility with Solaris.

2002-02-15  Matt Dobbs  <Matt.Dobbs@Cern.CH>
        --------------------  HepMC-01-02-01  ----(3.0.0)------------

        * HepMC/GenEvent.h: bug discovered by <> with help
        from Paolo and Hong. 
        The GenEvent::particle_iterator, const_particle_iterator,
                      vertex_iterator, const_vertex_iterator
        had methods like:
          bool operator !=(const particle_iterator& a) const 
          {  return !(**this == *a); }
        which doesn't work because you are not allowed to de-reference 
        the end() iterator  [the above coding is a relic of the old
                      walking iterators which did not inherit from
                      forward_iterstor, and for which *end() was well
        The correct usage is:
        { return m_map_iterator == a.m_map_iterator; }

        Note: this does NOT affect the GenVertex::***_iterator's, since
        for those iterators *end() is well defined.

2002-01-23  Matt Dobbs  <Matt.Dobbs@Cern.CH>
        --------------------  HepMC-01-02-00  --------------------
                          ( Public Version 1.2 )

        User manual, webpage, and public version updated.
        The CLHEP names branch, called HepMC-00-00-96-CLHEP, has
        been moved to the head of the main trunk in cvs, and commited.
        Thus the main trunk is the only development branch.

2002-01-22  Matt Dobbs  <Matt.Dobbs@Cern.CH>
        --------------------  HepMC-01-01-12  --------------------

        * src/GenEvent.cxx (HepMC): delete_all_vertices()
        modified the increment of the vertex iterator when looping over
        vertices for deletion.
        * src/GenVertex.cxx (HepMC): delete_adopted_particles()
        modified the increment of the particle iterator when looping over
        particles for deletion.

2002-01-21  Matt Dobbs  <Matt.Dobbs@Cern.CH>
        --------------------  HepMC-01-01-07  --------------------

        * HepMC/GenEvent.cxx (delete_all_vertices): 
        Possible bug reported here by ATLfast group. Added extra error
        checking, and changed the deleting of the vertices such that each
        one is explicitly erased from the map.

2002-01-18  Matt Dobbs  <Matt.Dobbs@Cern.CH>

  More changes for Windoes MS Visual C++ compatibility:

        * HepMC/PythiaWrapper6_2.h, HepMC/PythiaWrapper6_152.h: 
        included new wrapper methods like call_pyinit, which hide the
        funny syntax necessary to call fortran routines from C++.
        * examples/example_MyPythiaWithEventSelection.cxx: 
        * examples/example_MyPythiaOnlyToHepMC.cxx: 
        * examples/example_MyPythia.cxx: 
        * examples/Benchmarks_f77/example_PythiaToLCWrite.cxx: 
        modified to use the call_*** pythia methods.

2002-01-15  Matt Dobbs  <Matt.Dobbs@Cern.CH>
        --------------------  HepMC-01-01-06  --------------------

        * Makefile.standalone: updated to use cernlib 2001 and pythia6152

        * examples/example_UsingIterators.cxx: 
        The input file was from the old non-barcodes version, and so
        didn't work. Replaced it with a proper input file.

These changes suggested by Witold Pokorski <Witold.Pokorski@Cern.Ch> from
LHCb to allow for Windows Visual C++ compliance. All of these changes are
fully backwards compatible(!).

        * HepMC/GenEvent.h, HepMC/GenVertex.h: change forward_iterator to
        simply iterator (which in the STL standard apparently implies

        In Visual c++, a for (int i ... ) {} statement does not scope out
        the i variable ... so had to modify the code to ensure no
        variables were used twice in the same method:
        * src/IO_Ascii.cxx (HepMC): 
          in lines 155, 161, 175 "int i" is repeated
          in lines 293, 314, 321 "int i" is repeated
          in lines 293, 314, 321 "p" is repeated
        * src/IO_HEPEVT.cxx (HepMC): 
          in lines 59,65,88 "i" is repeated
          in lines 118, 129 "p" is repeated
        * src/IO_PDG_ParticleDataTable.cxx (HepMC): 
          in lines 80, 103, 124 "id_i" is repeated
        * src/GenVertex.cxx (HepMC): 
          in lines: 64 and 72; 168 and 178; 195 and 201; 260 and 273; 
                    322 and 331   variable "part" is repeated

        * have verified all STL calls for set, map, less, greater, cout,
        endl, list, cerr, ios, iostream, flush are properly prefixed with
        * HepMC/GenEvent.h: bug fix:
        added a std::greater<int> qualifier to the m_map_iterator of the
        vertex iterators.

        * HepMC/GenVertex.h: bug fix:
        made the GenVertex::particle_iterator a friend of GenVertex.

        * HepMC/GenEvent.h, HepMC/GenVertex.h: 
        move all of the friend class declarations
        into statements separate from the class declaration, i.e.
          class edge_iterator { ... };
          friend class edge_iterator;
        instead of
          friend class edge_iterator{ ... };
        Change all   std::ptrdiff_t   to  ptrdiff_t
        * HepMC/IO_Ascii.h: ios::openmode changed to ios::open_mode in the
        constructor, for compatibility with windows Visual C++.

        * Change #include <iostream.h> to #include <iostream>
        Note: this will spoil compatibility with HPUX 10.2 CC.
2001-11-29  Matt Dobbs  <Matt.Dobbs@Cern.CH>
        --------------------  HepMC-01-01-05  --------------------
        * Fix typo in user manual "particle barcodes are positive"

2001-11  Matt Dobbs  <Matt.Dobbs@Cern.CH>
        --------------------  HepMC-01-01-04  --------------------
        * update user manual to explain barcodes. NO changes to code.

2001-11-10  Matt Dobbs  <Matt.Dobbs@Cern.CH>
        --------------------  HepMC-01-01-03  --------------------
        * cmt/requirements: jetset74 requirement removed, as requested by

2001-11-04  Matt Dobbs  <Matt.Dobbs@Cern.CH>
        --------------------  HepMC-01-01-02  --------------------
        * HepMC/GenVertex.h: removed merge_vertex() method.

        * HepMC/IO_HEPEVT.h: 
        removed the merge_vertices possibility, but added a
        build_production_vertex possibility to build_end_vertex.

        --------------------  HepMC-01-01-01  --------------------
        * src/HEPEVT_Wrapper.cxx (HepMC): 
        new method check_hepevt_consistency() added.
        new method zero_everything() added.

2001-11-02  Matt Dobbs  <Matt.Dobbs@Cern.CH>
        --------------------  HepMC-01-01-00  --------------------
        * src/IO_HEPEVT.cxx (HepMC): 
        Modified such that the HEPEVT indices are used for the particle
        * HepMC/IO_Ascii.h: 
        Modifed to properly read/write the barcodes and the
        GenEvent new data members.

        Unique reference numbers called "barcodes" are added as data
        members to GenParticles and GenVertices.
        They are cross-referenced in GenEvent via a map<int,GenXXX>.
        The GenEvent::m_vertices container of vertices is then no longer
        necessary, so it is removed.
        The GenEvent::particle_iterator and GenEvent::vertex_iterator
        are updated to walk over the maps. The iterator change should be
        transparent to the user.
        Constant versions of both iterators are included.
        The old GenEvent::vertex_iterator was a typedef of the set:
          typedef std::set<GenVertex*>::iterator vertex_iterator;

        The maps get filled via the:
                set_barcode( GenXXX* x, int suggested_barcode )
        methods, which in turn are called only by the vertex and particle:

        * HepMC/GenEvent.h: 
        New data members and access methods are added for consistency with
        the HepUP standard, see hep-ph/0109068
        double GenEvent::m_event_scale
        double GenEvent::m_alphaQCD
        double GenEvent::m_alphaQED
        * src/IO_HEPEVT.cxx (HepMC): Fixed some const warnings with the
         GenEvent::vertex_iterator usage.

2001-10-11  Matt Dobbs  <Matt.Dobbs@Cern.CH>

        --------------------  HepMC-01-00-01  --------------------
        * cmt/requirements: changed use CERNLIB v2001 External  to  use
        CERNLIB CERNLIB-01-* External   as per r.d.'s request 

2001-10-10  Matt Dobbs  <Matt.Dobbs@Cern.CH> 

        --------------------  HepMC-01-00-00  --------------------
        Identical to HepMC-00-03-08.  This tag name follows atlas 
        naming conventions ... increment the major tag when code is NOT
        backwards compatible. Since Atlas is moving from tag
        HepMC-00-01-12 (old atlas names) to HepMC-00-03-08 (clhep names)
        this change is not backwards compatible.
2001-09-05  Matt Dobbs  <Matt.Dobbs@Cern.CH>
        ------- below this line is tag HepMC-00-03-08 ----------
        (clhep names version to be used in atlas. The changes have not
        been made in the HepMC-00-01-** branch)
        * src/IO_HEPEVT.h (HepMC): 
        * src/IO_HEPEVT.cxx (HepMC): When inconsistent info between
        mother and daughters is found in the
        IO_HEPEVT::build_production_vertex method, IO_HEPEVT will no
        longer merge_vertex (the 2001-03-29 "fix") by default. In order to
        get this behaviour you have to explicitly ask for it with the
        IO_HEPEVT::set_merge_vertex_switch() method.

2001-09-05  Matt Dobbs  <Matt.Dobbs@Cern.CH>
        * cmt/requirements: added to the CLHEP names branch (its just a
        direct copy of what is in the trunk ATLAS names).

2001-07-17  Matt Dobbs  <Matt.Dobbs@Cern.CH>
        (note: HepMC-00-01-24 is an accidental tag which should be ignored)
        ----- below this line is  HepMC-00-01-23, HepMC-00-03-07 -----

        * src/GenVertex.cxx (HepMC): 
        GenVertex::vertex_iterator::follow_edge_()  added extra error
        checking for the very special-rare case where a particle might
        point to the same vertex for both production and end.
        Meant to handle Ian H.'s bug of 02 Jul 2001

2001-06-28  Matt Dobbs  <Matt.Dobbs@Cern.CH>
        --------------------  HepMC-00-03-06  --------------------

        * examples/
        updated the makefile to link to  cernlib 2001 version of pythia.
        This involves a change -lpythia6136 to -lpythia6152 -lpythiad
        Note that for xample_MyPythiaWithEventSelection.cxx 1/100 or
        36/1000 events pass cuts (with 6.136 it was 3/100 or 37/1000).
        * HepMC/GenParticle.h: now has a parent_event() access method,
        which returns the parent_event of the particle's container
        vertex's event.

2001-06-27  Matt Dobbs  <Matt.Dobbs@Cern.CH>

        ---> Make the Vertex know which event it in in. <---
        * HepMC/GenVertex.h: added private data member m_event, public
        access method parent_event() and protected access method
        set_parent_event, which is only to be used by GenEvent. Thus
        GenEvent is made to be a friend of GenVertex.
        * HepMC/GenEvent.h, src/GenEvent.cxx (HepMC): added logic to
        GenEvent::remove_vertex and GenEvent::add_vertex. The vtx's
        m_event pointer is set to point back to the event.
        * HepMC/ParticleData.h: 
        * HepMC/GenEvent.h: 
        * HepMC/GenParticle.h: 
        * HepMC/GenVertex.h: made method counter() protected. It was never
        intended as public, merely as a method for detecting memory
        leaks. If no-one complains (they shouldn't, it was commented
        "temporary for debugging") I'll remove it entirely later.

2001-03-29  Matt Dobbs  <Matt.Dobbs@Cern.CH>

        * src/IO_HEPEVT.cxx (HepMC): 
        When m_trust_mothers_before_daughters=0, the vertex position is
        now filled. In ISAJET sometimes disjoint vertex structures exist,
        in this case a merger of vertices is done, which accounts for it.

        * HepMC/GenVertex.h: 
        * src/GenVertex.cxx (HepMC): 
        Added a            void merge_vertex_contents( GenVertex* v_in );
        method which takes all the contents of v_in and places it in 
        the vertex. It does not delete v_in, nor does it remove 
        v_in from an event.
        It will mainly be used by IO_HEPEVT, but it is forseen that users
        may want to use it when reducing the overall size of the event
        (deleting intermediate vertices) such as will be done by atlas.

2001-02-28  Matt Dobbs  <Matt.Dobbs@Cern.CH>

        * Makefile.standalone: 
          HepMCdir = $(shell pwd)
        instead of
          HepMCdir = /afs/
        for better portability.

        * src/GenVertex.cxx (HepMC): added extra protection to the 
        GenVertex::edge_iterator::edge_iterator constructor to give
        sensible result for the special case when a vertex has incoming
        particles, but none outgoing and the user requests a children
        iterator.  The old version would have 
        m_set_iter points to m_particles_in.begin() and so the first
        dereference might be wrong.

        * HepMC/IO_HEPEVT.h: Two new switches are added to give more
        flexibility in handling the possible inconsistencies arrising
        from the bi-directional pointers in HEPEVT. The switches are:
                bool m_trust_mothers_before_daughters;
                bool m_print_inconsistency_errors; 
        which are described by comments in the code. Also makes minor 
        changes to src/IO_HEPEVT.cxx

        * HepMC/Typedef_Version0names.h: 
        This header file added. It contains typedef statements which
        should allow the new version 1.XX class names to be used with code
        written with the old version 0.XX class names.
        If the user wants to take advantage of these typedefs he needs to
        define type variable HEPMC_SHORT_NAMES in his compiler options as
        follows: -DHEPMC_SHORT_NAMES
        or in his code using #define HEPMC_SHORT_NAMES
        Note that since the header file names also changed, this ALSO
        requires changing the include statements in the user code.
        * doc/latex_user_manual/physicist_visualization.eps
        fixed a mis-labelling in this figure... the labels were all
        shifted and intermingled... its now right. Unfortunately
        the mislabelled version appears in the CPC publication.
        also affects doc/latex_user_manual/
Everything below this line corresponds to Version 1.01

2001-01-11  Matt Dobbs  <Matt.Dobbs@Cern.CH>

        * examples/example_UsingIterators.cxx: 
        Changed the class IsFinalState such that a particle must have no
        end vertex AND have status==1 to be considered stable.
        Does not effect package, only this specific example.

        * HepMC/IO_BaseClass.h: 
        Bug reported by Lynn Garren
        "There appears to be a problem with const-ness in HepMC/IO_BaseClass.h.
        I have made the following changes in order to compile HepMC 1.0 
        with g++.
        virtual const GenEvent*& operator<<( GenEvent*& );
        virtual       GenEvent*& operator<<( GenEvent*& );

        virtual const ParticleDataTable*& operator<<( ParticleDataTable*& )
        virtual       ParticleDataTable*& operator<<( ParticleDataTable*& )
        In other words, I have made the const-ness match."
        These changes are implemented by Matt in the atlas repository.

        * HepMC/HEPEVT_Wrapper.h: 
        Bug reported by Andreas Dell'Acqua
        There methods were returning 0 when exactly one parent exists. This
        caused the number_children and number_parent methods to return 0
        every time there was exactly 1 parent/child. This error caused
        major problems in the IO_HEPEVT class, with the end result that
        the HEPEVT graphs were interpretted incorrectly [all particles are
        correctly interpretted, but their relationships are incorrect for
        the case where a particle has exactly ONE mother: in this case the
        particles appeared as orphans.]
        This bug was
        introduced in version HepMC-00-00-94, so it has been present for
        some time. This fix is for HEPEVT_Wrapper::last_child():
        // Returns the Index of the LAST child in the HEPEVT record
        // for particle with Index index.
        // If there is only one child, the last child is forced to 
        // be the same as the first child.
        // If there are no children for this particle, both the first_child
        // and the last_child with return 0.
        // Error checking is done to ensure the child is always
        // within range ( 0 <= parent <= nhep )

        * src/IO_HEPEVT.cxx (HepMC): 
        only comments in IO_HEPEVT::build_particle have changed. No change
        to code.

Everything below this line corresponds to Version 1.0

2000-11-10  Matt Dobbs  <Matt.Dobbs@Cern.CH>

        GeneratorEvent --> GenEvent
        Particle       --> GenParticle
        Vertex         --> GenVertex

        user manual and online documentaion are updated to reflect this.

        * HepMC/PythiaWrapper6_152.h: 
        A new wrapper for Pythia 6.1 is created to replace the old Pythia
        5.7 wrapper. It works with the versions of Pythia in both
        CERNlib2000 and CERNlib2001 (versions 6.136 and 6.152 and probably
        any Pythia 6).
        A pointer file:
        * HepMC/PythiaWrapper.h: 
        is created so the used doesn't have to worry about pythia version
        numbers. A test file is located at:
        * test/test_PythiaWrapper.cxx

        All examples are updated to use Pythia 6.

2000-11-09  Matt Dobbs  <Matt.Dobbs@Cern.CH>

        * HepMC/WeightContainer.h: 
        Created this class to house the weights in the vertex and event
        classes. It is just an interface to std::vertex<double>.

        The vertex class is modifid to use this. Required changes to:
        * HepMC/Vertex.h: 
        * src/Vertex.cxx: 
        * src/IO_Ascii.cxx (HepMC): 

Everything below this line corresponds to Version 0.94

2000-07-05  Matt Dobbs  <Matthew.Adam.Dobbs@Cern.CH>

        * HepMC/HEPEVT_Wrapper.h: Completely new wrapper for HEPEVT_Common
        is implemented. This wrapper treats the common as a series of
        bytes and interprets them "on the fly". The user can set the size
        (in bytes) of the integer and real numbers to be interpretted from
        HEPEVT, and also the total number of entries in HEPEVT. This
        allows the user to interface to two applications which use
        different HEPEVT definitions.
        Benchmarks: 1000 events pythia only 34 seconds.
                    1000 events Pythia+HepMC(using this new wrapper) 40s
        on my particular machine. (extra time is 6 seconds.) Compare this
        to the extra 5 seconds reported in the HepMC user manual for the
        old HEPEVT wrapper ... so the difference is small compared to the
        old wrapper considering the added functionality.
        (all examples have been tested and they Run!)   

        * HepMC/HEPEVT_Common.h: Deleted, this common is now defined
        inside HEPEVT_Wrapper.h
        * src/HEPEVT_Wrapper.cxx (HepMC): This file is created since it is
        necessary to instantiate the static members of HEPEVT_Wrapper in a
        .cxx file.
        * Makefile.Standalone: modified to build src/HEPEVT_Wrapper.cxx into
        the HepMC library

        * HepMC/IO_HEPEVT.h: Comment modified only so as to treat
        HEPEVT_Wrapper consistently.

        * examples/example_MyPythiaWithEventSelection.cxx: Modified to use new

        * examples/example_MyPythia.cxx: Modified to use new

        * examples/example_MyPythiaOnlyToHepMC.cxx (main): Modified to use new

        * PACKAGE: added linkset HepMC -lib:HepMC
        (Modified to use as HepMC linkset)
2000-07-04  Matt Dobbs  <Matthew.Adam.Dobbs@Cern.CH>

        * examples/ $(top_srcdir) replaced by

        * (libHepMC.so_SRC): The location of src .cxx files
        is now explicitly specified with $(top_srcdir)/src/*.cxx
        This makefile now builds oth a shared library and
        libHepMC.a (requested by Ian H.)
        * the initpydata.f routine is no longer compiled into the the 
        HepMC library, but is still packaged with the other routines.
        The user needs to link to it explicitly. See the
        in the examples directory for an example of how to do this.
        (requested by Ian H.)
        * ./src is replaced with $(top_srcdir)/src everywhere in the

        Files changed this time:, examples/, Makefile.standalone,

2000-05-18  Matt Dobbs  <Matthew.Adam.Dobbs@Cern.CH>

        * HepMC/IO_BaseClass.h: There is now a fill_next_event method.
        - bool fill_next_event( GeneratorEvent* evt ) is a new abstract method
          which fills the passed event, and also returns true if successful.
        - GeneratorEvent* read_next_event() is now make concrete. it
          creates a new event, fills it using the above abstract method,
          and returns the event 
        This change is backwards compatible since the method
        read_next_event() has identical behavior.
        Identical changes are made for the methods:
        - bool fill_particle_data_table( ParticleDataTable* pdt )
        - ParticleDataTable* read_particle_data_table()
        The methods are updated [ i.e. GeneratorEvent* read_next_event()
        is changed to bool fill_next_event( GeneratorEvent* evt ), etc. ]
        - IO_HEPEVT.h
        - IO_Ascii.h
        - IO_PDG_ParticleDataTable.h
        - IO_HEPEVT.cxx
        - IO_Ascii.cxx
        - IO_PDG_ParticleDataTable.cxx
        (This change requested by Ian Hinchliffe and Marjorie Shapiro.)

2000-04-24  Matt Dobbs  <Matthew.Adam.Dobbs@Cern.CH>

        * HepMC/HEPEVT_Wrapper.h: set_momentum and set_position now
        properly cast input doubles as type HEPEVT_Precision,
        previously they were hardwired as cast to double, this 
        meant writing to real*4 hepevt would fail.
Everything below this line corresponds to Version 0.91
2000-04-11  Matt Dobbs  <Matthew.Adam.Dobbs@Cern.CH>

        * doc/latex_user_manual/HepMC_user_manual.tex: User manual is
        updated to replect changes since V0.9 
        - HEPEVT and position in [mm]

2000-04-06  Matt Dobbs  <Matthew.Adam.Dobbs@Cern.CH>

        * examples/example_MyPythia.cxx
        * examples/example_MyPythiaOnlyToHepMC.cxx
        * examples/example_MyPythiaWithEventSelection.cxx: 
        By commenting out the initpydata call (which may be required on
        some systems to initialize the Pythia PYDATA block data as
        external) the MyPythia examples now run on HPUX (and still on
        Linux). Have not tested other platforms.
        * Makefile: HPUX with gcc requires the -lf library which contains
        the fortran intrinsic function.

2000-04-05  Matt Dobbs  <Matthew.Adam.Dobbs@Cern.CH>

        The changes below will have no effect on the user or package, they
        just serve to remove warnings when compiling.
        * HepMC/Vertex.h: 313:342:364: warning: unused parameter `enum
        ::HepMC::IteratorRange dummy_range' (all dummy range parameters
        now appear as particles_end( IteratorRange /* dummy_range */ ) )

        * src/IO_Ascii.cxx (HepMC): 506: warning: ANSI C++ forbids
        variable-size array `c' (the array is now declared as char* c =
        new char[key_length +1]; and deleted before returning)

        * HepMC/IO_PDG_ParticleDataTable.h: 53: warning: control reaches
        end of non-void function read_next_event() 
        (this is a dummy function anyway -- return 0) 
        * HepMC/IO_HEPEVT.h:55: (as above)
        * src/Flow.cxx (HepMC): 26: warning: default argument given for
        parameter 1 of `void ::HepMC::Flow::print(class ostream & = cout)
        const' (done)

        * HepMC/IO_HEPEVT.h:57: warning: base class `class
        ::HepMC::IO_BaseClass' should be explicitly initialized in the
        copy constructor (done)
        * HepMC/IO_Ascii.h: 98: (as above)
        * HepMC/IO_PDG_ParticleDataTable.h: 56: (as above)

        * HepMC/ParticleDataTable.h: 155: warning: suggest parentheses
        around assignment used as truth value (done)

        * src/IO_Ascii.cxx (HepMC): 37: warning: default argument given
        (removed default argument)

        * HepMC/Flow.h:21: warning: multiline `//' comment
        (added space after \ to remove compiler warning)
        * HepMC/Particle.h: removed =0 in the inline declaration
        inline void Particle::set_flow( int code_index, int code = 0 ) 
        (caused warning).

2000-04-04  Matt Dobbs  <Matthew.Adam.Dobbs@Cern.CH>

        * HepMC/HEPEVT_Wrapper.h:  HepMC/HEPEVT_Common.h: 
        replace the classes HEPEVT_BaseClass.h HEPEVT_Double2000.h 
        HEPEVT_Double4000.h HEPEVT_Real2000.h HEPEVT_Real4000.h

        Using different classes for each of the HEPEVT common block
        varieties proved very troublesome - users had trouble and 4
        similar classes were being maintained. The new version uses only
        static methods and cannot be instantiated (logical since it has
        no data members). The HEPEVT common block is contained in the
        HepMC/HEPEVT_Common.h header. The precision and number of entries
        is specified using #define commands, default is double precision,
        2000 entries. The user will see only one change - the IO_HEPEVT
        constructor now has no arguments, so he need not define the
        any HEPEVT_XXX class. He may need to set the precision and number
        of entries. See the header for instructions, and
        examples/example_MyPythia.cxx for an example.

        example_MyPythia.cxx, example_MyPythiaOnlyToHepMC.cxx,
        example_MyPythiaWithEventSelection.cxx are modified to take this
        into account.

        * HepMC/IO_HEPEVT.h: This class now extracts information from the
        fortran HEPEVT common using HEPEVT_Wrapper instead of having to
        pass it a class which inherits from the obsolete HEPEVT_BaseClass.
2000-04-03  Matt Dobbs  <Matthew.Adam.Dobbs@Cern.CH>

        * HepMC/PythiaWrapper5_720.h: Credit for writing the wrapper is
        to Silvia Resconi. 
        Inclusion of HEPEVT wrapper header file is not necessary --- hence 

2000-03-31  Matt Dobbs  <Matthew.Adam.Dobbs@Cern.CH>

        * HepMC/ParticleData.h: clifetime is now represented in [mm]
        instead of [cm] ... previously HepMC had internal inconsistencies
        in this --- it claimed to use [cm], but sometimes used [mm] (as
        when it read from HEPEVT, and othertimes used [cm] (as when it
        transformed a width into a lifetime. Now all is consitent and [mm]
        is used everywhere as it should be.
        * HepMC/Vertex.h: src/ParticleData.cxx: 
        Changed comments which say clifetime is in [cm], to say
        clifetime is in [mm].

        * Makefile (CLHEPdir): 
        CLHEPdir      = /afs/
        CLHEPdir      = /afs/
        to make it platform independent for CERN users.
        And some cosmetic changes to the Makefile.

        * HepMC/IO_BaseClass.h: 
        Using the compiler options -ansi -pedantic cause this error:
        no match for `::HepMC::IO_Ascii & << ::HepMC::GeneratorEvent *&'
        Even though it recognizes:
        operator <<(::HepMC::IO_BaseClass &, 
                    const ::HepMC::GeneratorEvent *&) <near match>
        as the "best <near match>".
        To fix this I make operator<<, operator>> members of the
        IO_BaseClass rather than friends, and I add versions where the
        argument of operator<< is not constant.
        This will not affect users in any way (unless they were using
        these compiler options, in which case HepMC didn't work anyway...)

2000-02-16  Matt Dobbs  <Matthew.Adam.Dobbs@Cern.CH>

        * GeneratorEvent.h: set_signal_process_vertex() modified to ensure
        that any vertex specified as signal process is ALSO in the
        m_vertices set.

        * This change log documents changes since Version 9 of HepMC was
        "released" February 11, 2000
pre 2000-02-16  Matt Dobbs  <Matthew.Adam.Dobbs@Cern.CH>
Changes Before Version 0.9 (i.e. changes in going from V0.1 -->0.9)
            HepMC improvements:
                +backup V0.1  (done)
                +save particle data as id in Particle  (done)
                +update IO strategies  (done)
                +test  (done)
                +backup  (done)
             -change set<Vertex*> in event to include all vertices (done)
                +change iterators to reflect this (done)
                +update IO strategies (done)
                +test (done)
             -fix all operator= to first destruct dependents. (done)
             -access functions to iterate over all flows  (done)
             -check for stl namespace  (done)
              grep -n cout HepMC/*.h src/*.cxx | grep -v std::cout |
             -add Hepevt:write event  (done)
             -implement lujet strategy (not done!)
             -update documentation -- enumerating recent changes.  (done)
             -user manual written