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370 2366d 06h /tags/ This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create tag
367 2367d 05h garren /branches/HEPMC_02_03_branch/ 2.03.09  
366 2367d 09h garren /branches/HEPMC_02_03_branch/ bug fix  
364 2368d 04h garren /branches/HEPMC_02_03_branch/ deal with NaN's  
310 2424d 03h garren /branches/HEPMC_02_03_branch/ 2.03.08  
304 2429d 05h garren /branches/HEPMC_02_03_branch/ use explicit parenthesis to make VC9 happy  
302 2429d 06h garren /branches/HEPMC_02_03_branch/ bug fix for GenVertex edge_iterator  
295 2431d 08h garren /branches/HEPMC_02_03_branch/ 2.03.07  
294 2434d 04h garren /branches/HEPMC_02_03_branch/ minor fixes for gcc 4.3  
273 2471d 06h /branches/ This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branch
271 2471d 06h garren /trunk/ 2.03.06  
270 2471d 06h garren /trunk/ IO_HEPEVT::trust_beam_particles  
269 2471d 07h garren /trunk/ reduce input file size  
268 2472d 01h garren /trunk/ first attempt to reduce size of input files  
264 2472d 05h garren /trunk/ fix GenEvent swap  
263 2473d 00h garren /trunk/ fix operator= bug  
261 2490d 00h garren /trunk/ 2.03.05  
260 2490d 01h garren /trunk/ bug fixes  
256 2507d 01h garren /trunk/ 2.03.04  
214 2556d 07h garren /trunk/ 2.03.03  

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