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362 2536d 20h garren /trunk/ cygwin nonsense  
361 2536d 21h garren /trunk/ cygwin nonsense  
360 2537d 00h garren /trunk/ windows comments  
359 2538d 00h garren /trunk/doc/ cleanup  
358 2538d 00h garren /trunk/fio/ fix comments  
357 2538d 23h garren /trunk/ dealing with tex idiosyncracies  
356 2541d 23h garren /trunk/doc/ *** empty log message ***  
355 2542d 00h garren /trunk/ ready for 2.04.00  
354 2543d 20h garren /trunk/ exapand description of Ascii IO  
353 2549d 22h garren /trunk/HepMC/ add Units.h  
352 2549d 22h garren /trunk/src/ add  
351 2550d 00h garren /trunk/examples/ works on MacOSX  
350 2550d 00h garren /trunk/ libtool library versioning  
349 2550d 00h garren /trunk/examples/ path for shared libraries  
348 2550d 00h garren /trunk/test/ cleanup  
347 2550d 19h garren /trunk/examples/ fix example  
346 2551d 21h garren /trunk/ throw an error immediately if units are not specified  
345 2556d 12h garren /trunk/ two more constructors  
344 2557d 13h garren /trunk/ two more constructors  
343 2557d 20h garren /trunk/ 2.04.00.beta2  

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