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544 633d 05h garren /trunk/ notes for centrality fix  
534 930d 05h garren /trunk/ 2.06.09  
526 1040d 03h garren /trunk/ HepMC 2.06.08 with units bug fix  
522 1043d 03h garren /trunk/ HepMC 2.06.08  
511 1078d 07h garren /trunk/ 2.06.07  
509 1081d 03h garren /trunk/ add pythia8 main31 and main32 examples  
508 1081d 08h garren /trunk/ fix typo  
507 1082d 07h garren /trunk/ Rename local variables to avoid shadowing class variables  
491 1113d 08h garren /trunk/ 2.06.06  
489 1137d 04h garren /trunk/ remove references to Boost  
484 1139d 04h garren /trunk/ don't try to create defs.h when using cmake  
482 1147d 03h garren /trunk/ rearrange examples, putting Fortran examples in their own subdirectory  
480 1148d 06h garren /trunk/ make HepMC::GenCrossSection getPythiaCrossSection() an inline method  
478 1154d 08h garren /trunk/ do not declare common block structs here  
466 1341d 06h garren /trunk/ add reqested header for bug #80400  
465 1341d 06h garren /trunk/ 2.06.05  
462 1344d 09h garren /trunk/ fix test for CM  
456 1448d 08h garren /trunk/ 2.06.04  
455 1448d 08h garren /trunk/ fix bug #76527  
451 1522d 07h garren /trunk/ 2.06.03  

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