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48 3333d 00h garren /trunk/ read and write generated mass when using IO_ExtendedAscii  
47 3336d 19h garren /trunk/ documentation  
43 3346d 00h garren /trunk/ merging HEPMC_02_proposal with the head for HepMC 2  
40 3346d 20h garren /trunk/ adding HepMC/IO_ExtendedAscii.h to print PdfInfo and HeavyIon if they are in the event  
39 3353d 04h garren /trunk/ ready for 1.28  
37 3355d 16h garren /trunk/ 64 bit fix  
36 3359d 22h garren /trunk/ adding PdfInfo  
34 3396d 05h garren /trunk/ fixes for Windows  
30 3401d 03h garren /trunk/ 1.27.02  
29 3401d 21h garren /trunk/ recent changes  
26 3401d 22h garren /trunk/ added support for gcc4
added testPrintBug
23 3476d 23h garren /trunk/ releasing 1.27.01  
22 3477d 00h garren /trunk/ set m_heavy_ion to zero by default  
21 3479d 01h garren /trunk/ remove dependency on CLHEP/Units  
19 3499d 19h garren /trunk/ HepMC/test  
15 3519d 02h garren /trunk/ change names according to feedback from heavy ion users  
11 3554d 21h garren /trunk/ note changes  
2 3556d 03h garren /trunk/ HepMC 1.26 from Matt Dobbs
only change is *.cxx to *.cc