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        HepMC - a C++ Event Record for Monte Carlo Generators

Authors: Matt Dobbs, University of Victoria and Jorgen Beck Hansen, CERN

Refer to: for online documentation.
  M. Dobbs and J.B. Hansen, 
  "The HepMC C++ Monte Carlo Event Record for High Energy Physics", 
  Computer Physics Communications, Vol. 134 (2001) 41-46, [ATL-SOFT-2000-001].

 Copyright (C) 2000 by Matt Dobbs, University of Victoria
                       and Jorgen Beck Hansen, CERN

 The HepMC Event Record Package is the intellectual property of
 the package authors. Anyone may copy and distribute this package


2002-01-23 HepMC was developed on Linux with gcc.
        Thanks to the work of Witold Pokorski and Pere Mato, 
        it now compiles and runs on Windows with Microsoft Visual C++. 
        To compile with Microsoft Visual C++, you need to define the 
        _WIN32 variable.

        NOTE re: linking to Pythia in the examples

Some of the files in the examples directory are aimed at showing you how
to use HepMC with Pythia. Currently it links to Pythia6.1.

Some platforms require the initialization of pythia PYDATA block 
data as external this is accomplished by the initpydata() call. If you get
pythia initialization errors try commenting in/out the initpydata()
call in the MyPythia examples.

Note the Pythia wrappers are not intended to be part of the HepMC package,
they are only provided to make the examples run.