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136 2902d 10h garren /trunk/ 2.02.00  
134 2902d 13h garren /trunk/ trying to get this working  
128 2903d 10h garren /trunk/ start building IO_GenEvent  
117 2910d 16h garren /trunk/ 2.01.03  
109 2912d 03h garren /trunk/ deal with beam particles  
107 2912d 04h garren /trunk/ adding mass test  
97 2940d 13h garren /trunk/ 2.01.00  
93 2943d 15h garren /trunk/ 2.00.04  
88 2953d 11h garren /trunk/ add iterator test  
79 2989d 15h garren /trunk/ 2.00.03  
78 2989d 16h garren /trunk/ build documents during bootstrap  
61 3077d 15h garren /trunk/ fix doc Makefile  
53 3232d 16h garren /trunk/ check for LaTeX and build documents if present  
43 3246d 13h garren /trunk/ merging HEPMC_02_proposal with the head for HepMC 2  
41 3246d 16h garren /trunk/ change version  
38 3253d 17h garren /trunk/ add option to specify GENSER directory for examples  
30 3301d 16h garren /trunk/ 1.27.02  
26 3302d 11h garren /trunk/ added support for gcc4
added testPrintBug
23 3377d 12h garren /trunk/ releasing 1.27.01  
18 3400d 08h garren /trunk/ change version  

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