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97 3095d 06h garren /trunk/ 2.01.00  
93 3098d 08h garren /trunk/ 2.00.04  
90 3106d 06h garren /trunk/doc/ no default build  
83 3108d 09h garren /trunk/doc/ build documents during bootstrap  
81 3144d 07h garren /trunk/doc/ *** empty log message ***  
80 3144d 07h garren /trunk/doc/ fix missing ref  
79 3144d 08h garren /trunk/ 2.00.03  
78 3144d 09h garren /trunk/ build documents during bootstrap  
70 3219d 01h garren /trunk/doc/ use html header  
68 3221d 03h garren /trunk/doc/ for doxygen 1.5.1  
66 3227d 09h garren /trunk/doc/ *** empty log message ***  
65 3228d 02h garren /trunk/ fix everything so doxygen works  
64 3231d 03h garren /trunk/ gearing up for proper doxygen manuals  
61 3232d 08h garren /trunk/ fix doc Makefile  
57 3238d 04h garren /trunk/doc/ install in doc/HepMC  
53 3387d 10h garren /trunk/ check for LaTeX and build documents if present  
49 3388d 05h garren /trunk/ HepMC 2.00.00  
45 3392d 01h garren /trunk/doc/ HepMC 2 documentation  
12 3609d 06h garren /trunk/doc/ install in doc, not doc/HepMC  
5 3610d 07h garren / use autoconf and automake  

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