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511 1328d 01h garren /trunk/ 2.06.07  
510 1328d 02h garren /trunk/ remove  
509 1330d 20h garren /trunk/ add pythia8 main31 and main32 examples  
490 1375d 20h garren /trunk/ condense the cmake  
484 1388d 21h garren /trunk/ don't try to create defs.h when using cmake  
483 1388d 22h garren /trunk/ adding cmake build option  
482 1396d 21h garren /trunk/ rearrange examples, putting Fortran examples in their own subdirectory  
437 1913d 21h garren /trunk/ set datarootdir  
432 1930d 03h garren /trunk/ ready to tag 2.06.00  
428 2059d 19h garren /trunk/examples/ VC  
427 2060d 21h garren /trunk/ getPythiaCrossSection and getHerwigCrossSection  
422 2061d 21h garren /trunk/examples/ cross section and units  
419 2063d 14h garren /trunk/ inline example functions  
417 2243d 01h garren /trunk/examples/ get rid of warning about multi-line comment  
401 2276d 01h garren /trunk/examples/ fix  
390 2278d 21h garren /trunk/ merging everything from 2.05 beta 3  
351 2648d 02h garren /trunk/examples/ works on MacOSX  
349 2648d 03h garren /trunk/examples/ path for shared libraries  
347 2648d 21h garren /trunk/examples/ fix example  
340 2656d 01h garren /trunk/ deal with examples  

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