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107 2639d 05h garren /trunk/ adding mass test  
103 2656d 17h garren /trunk/ add MPI information  
100 2659d 11h garren /trunk/examples/ fix abs call  
92 2677d 13h garren /trunk/ copy HeavyIon and PdfInfo  
76 2719d 11h garren /trunk/examples/ initialize Pythia in a separate file so we can test PythiaWrapper  
67 2799d 12h garren /trunk/ add example functions that convert from SimpleVector to HepLorentzVector  
65 2800d 10h garren /trunk/ fix everything so doxygen works  
63 2804d 11h garren /trunk/ add explicit scope  
62 2804d 12h garren /trunk/ how to read a file you just wrote  
52 2959d 19h garren /trunk/ install examples in $(prefix)/examples/HepMC  
43 2973d 14h garren /trunk/ merging HEPMC_02_proposal with the head for HepMC 2  
37 2983d 06h garren /trunk/ 64 bit fix  
35 3001d 07h garren /trunk/ adding IO_AsciiParticles  
16 3146d 14h garren /trunk/examples/ used to create documentation  
9 3182d 14h garren /trunk/examples/ make sure the examples work  
8 3182d 14h garren /trunk/ ignore  
7 3182d 14h garren /trunk/ install examples  
4 3183d 14h garren /trunk/ initpydata.f is only needed for pythia examples  
2 3183d 18h garren /trunk/ HepMC 1.26 from Matt Dobbs
only change is *.cxx to *.cc