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482 1030d 11h garren /trunk/ rearrange examples, putting Fortran examples in their own subdirectory Diff
432 1563d 17h garren /trunk/ ready to tag 2.06.00 Diff
427 1694d 11h garren /trunk/ getPythiaCrossSection and getHerwigCrossSection Diff
422 1695d 12h garren /trunk/examples/ cross section and units Diff
390 1912d 12h garren /trunk/ merging everything from 2.05 beta 3 Diff
340 2289d 15h garren /trunk/ deal with examples Diff
308 2315d 14h garren /trunk/ combine Pythia examples Diff
291 2322d 15h garren /trunk/ unit enums are now upper case Diff
280 2344d 17h garren /trunk/ declare units in examples Diff
129 2597d 09h garren /trunk/ use streams Diff
107 2606d 05h garren /trunk/ adding mass test Diff
103 2623d 17h garren /trunk/ add MPI information Diff
76 2686d 10h garren /trunk/examples/ initialize Pythia in a separate file so we can test PythiaWrapper Diff
65 2767d 09h garren /trunk/ fix everything so doxygen works Diff
63 2771d 11h garren /trunk/ add explicit scope Diff
2 3150d 17h garren /trunk/ HepMC 1.26 from Matt Dobbs
only change is *.cxx to *.cc