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        /// example to generate events and write output
        /// example to generate events and perform simple event selection
        /// example to read the file written by pythia_out
        /// example to generate events, write them, and read them back
        /// \example
        /// Example of generating events with Pythia using HepMC/PythiaWrapper.h
        /// Events are read into the HepMC event record from the FORTRAN HEPEVT
        /// common block using the IO_HEPEVT strategy -- nothing is done with them.
        /// This program is just used to find the total time required to transfer
        /// from HEPEVT into the HepMC event record.
        /// \example
        /// \example
        /// Example of applying an event selection to the events written to file
        /// using example_MyPythia.cxx
        /// Events containing a photon of pT > 25 GeV pass the selection and are
        /// written to "example_EventSelection.dat"
        /// \example
        /// Example of building an event and a particle data table from scratch
        /// This is meant to be of use for persons implementing HepMC inside a MC
        /// event generator
        /// \example

        /// This example shows low to use the particle and vertex iterators
        /// \example
        /// This example generates Pythia events and fills
        /// cross section information from pyint5.
        /// The example uses streaming I/O to write a file and then read it.
        /// \example
        /// Multiple events in memory at the same time
        /// \example
        /// Multiple events in memory at the same time
        /// \example
        /// This example converts from ThreeVector and FourVector to
        /// CLHEP::Hep3Vector and CLHEP::HepLorentzVector
        /// Similar (or perhaps templated) conversion methods could be added to
        /// any vector class.
        /// \example VectorConversion.h

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