Subversion Repositories:
Rev Age Author Path Log message Diff
437 1552d 04h garren /trunk/ set datarootdir Diff
432 1568d 10h garren /trunk/ ready to tag 2.06.00 Diff
368 2259d 21h garren /trunk/ bug fix Diff
358 2274d 10h garren /trunk/fio/ fix comments Diff
350 2286d 10h garren /trunk/ libtool library versioning Diff
327 2310d 03h garren /trunk/ do not set units in IO_HERWIG Diff
320 2310d 05h garren /trunk/ adding VCMakefile.in for VC++ Diff
313 2316d 11h garren /trunk/fio/ set units Diff
306 2322d 04h garren /trunk/ use true and false instead of 1 and 0 for booleans Diff
285 2327d 12h garren / new build scripts Diff
270 2364d 07h garren /trunk/ IO_HEPEVT::trust_beam_particles Diff
259 2383d 03h garren /trunk/fio/ protect against empty vertices Diff
241 2401d 04h garren /trunk/fio/ bug fixes from Atlas Diff
179 2498d 07h garren /trunk/ make doxygen happy Diff
105 2621d 07h garren /trunk/ add beam particle information Diff
65 2772d 02h garren /trunk/ fix everything so doxygen works Diff
43 2945d 06h garren /trunk/ merging HEPMC_02_proposal with the head for HepMC 2 Diff
6 3154d 08h garren /trunk/ ignore Makefile.in, etc. Diff
5 3154d 08h garren / use autoconf and automake Diff