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189 2732d 05h garren /trunk/src/ use CommonIO in IO_GenEvent  
183 2739d 10h garren /trunk/ fill missing info  
182 2764d 11h garren /trunk/src/ cleanup  
179 2766d 07h garren /trunk/ make doxygen happy  
173 2766d 09h garren /trunk/ replace std::set<GenParticle*> with std::vector  
147 2849d 08h garren /trunk/ add and use swap  
135 2869d 04h garren /trunk/ fix problems  
134 2869d 06h garren /trunk/ trying to get this working  
129 2870d 02h garren /trunk/ use streams  
128 2870d 03h garren /trunk/ start building IO_GenEvent  
118 2877d 09h garren /trunk/src/ *** empty log message ***  
117 2877d 09h garren /trunk/ 2.01.03  
113 2878d 09h garren /trunk/ add version information  
111 2878d 11h garren /trunk/ change serial number type  
109 2878d 21h garren /trunk/ deal with beam particles  
108 2878d 21h garren /trunk/ read/write beam particles  
106 2878d 22h garren /trunk/src/ fix extended ascii  
105 2889d 07h garren /trunk/ add beam particle information  
103 2896d 10h garren /trunk/ add MPI information  
101 2899d 03h garren /trunk/ larger serial number size  

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