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285 2325d 14h garren / new build scripts Diff
237 2399d 07h garren /trunk/src/ add CompareGenEvent Diff
189 2462d 08h garren /trunk/src/ use CommonIO in IO_GenEvent Diff
173 2496d 11h garren /trunk/ replace std::set<GenParticle*> with std::vector Diff
128 2600d 06h garren /trunk/ start building IO_GenEvent Diff
43 2943d 09h garren /trunk/ merging HEPMC_02_proposal with the head for HepMC 2 Diff
40 2944d 05h garren /trunk/ adding HepMC/IO_ExtendedAscii.h to print PdfInfo and HeavyIon if they are in the event Diff
35 2971d 02h garren /trunk/ adding IO_AsciiParticles Diff
5 3152d 10h garren / use autoconf and automake Diff