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453 1407d 23h garren /trunk/test/ using rand() to generate Polarization, cannot compare with a saved sample  
450 1410d 23h garren /trunk/ simple test to verify that Polarization is copied and written  
432 1569d 01h garren /trunk/ ready to tag 2.06.00  
424 1700d 18h garren /trunk/ tweaks for doxygen  
423 1700d 19h garren /trunk/test/ more cross section testing  
418 1881d 22h garren /trunk/ improve Flow::erase()  
390 1917d 19h garren /trunk/ merging everything from 2.05 beta 3  
388 1917d 21h garren /trunk/ remove HepMC/IO_Ascii.h and test/testDeprecated  
348 2287d 01h garren /trunk/test/ cleanup  
316 2317d 01h garren /trunk/test/ remove tests of IO_ExtendedAscii  
285 2328d 03h garren / new build scripts  
277 2350d 17h garren /trunk/test/ adding unit tests and changes for the new PdfInfo  
254 2400d 17h garren /trunk/test/ cleanup all data files  
236 2401d 19h garren /trunk/test/ test making copies  
153 2512d 00h garren /trunk/test/ cleanup  
128 2602d 18h garren /trunk/ start building IO_GenEvent  
107 2611d 12h garren /trunk/ adding mass test  
88 2652d 19h garren /trunk/ add iterator test  
55 2785d 00h garren /trunk/ add SimpleVector test  
43 2945d 21h garren /trunk/ merging HEPMC_02_proposal with the head for HepMC 2  

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