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200 2666d 07h garren /trunk/test/ test rdstate()  
197 2668d 10h garren /trunk/test/ several formats in one file  
195 2669d 06h garren /trunk/test/ testHepMC  
194 2669d 07h garren /trunk/ tweak CommonIO  
128 2808d 07h garren /trunk/ start building IO_GenEvent  
107 2817d 01h garren /trunk/ adding mass test  
95 2848d 09h garren /trunk/ use comparator with std::set<GenParticle*>  
92 2855d 09h garren /trunk/ copy HeavyIon and PdfInfo  
88 2858d 08h garren /trunk/ add iterator test  
87 2858d 11h garren /trunk/ use delete properly  
85 2858d 12h garren /trunk/ test particle iterator  
50 3138d 08h garren /trunk/test/ fix typo  
48 3138d 09h garren /trunk/ read and write generated mass when using IO_ExtendedAscii  
40 3152d 06h garren /trunk/ adding HepMC/IO_ExtendedAscii.h to print PdfInfo and HeavyIon if they are in the event  
35 3179d 03h garren /trunk/ adding IO_AsciiParticles  
17 3305d 06h garren /trunk/ adding a simple test