The File Transfer Service

The gLite File Transfer Service (FTS) is a low-level data movement service for transferring files between Storage Elements. In addition, it provides features for administration and monitoring of these transfers. The FTS exposes an interface to submit asynchronous bulk requests and performs the transfers using either third-party GridFTP or SRM Copy. The FTS servers are typically deployed at (large) sites where there are large amounts of data to be transferred.

General Info

Release Plan: Roadmap

Release status

Project Latest production release
gLite 3.2 2.2.4
EMI 1 2.2.6
EMI 1 2.2.8
EMI 2 2.2.9
EMI 3 2.2.9 clients only

FTS 2.2.8 Rollout Planning

Previous releases

gLite 3.2: 2.2.4

EMI 1: None

FTS Support

User / Administrator Info

Developer Info

FTS monitoring using messaging

*Specifications - description ( FTSMonitoring )

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