Current Project Status

Update Friday May 17th 2003 - This project currently is not maintained by myself and has no active maintainers. If you would like to take it over please contact steve.traylen@…

I use this project to maintain some maui rpms suitable for use with gLite software mainly. They are built against the torque rpms present in EPEL. EPEL torque


A number of patches have been added to alter the default supplied maui. Look in the .spec file for definitive list of which patches are being used, there are comments about each of the added patches. Mostly they are just to increase a few parameters.

  • Increase the number of queues we can cope with. maui_max_mclass_patch
  • Increase the number of queued jobs we can cope with. maui_max_mjobs_patch
  • Increase the number of job slots we can have, maui_max_mres_patch
  • . adminhost-check.patch
  • Only needed if using the with-pbs option. fix-pbs-home-configure.patch
  • Increase MAX number of standing reservations. maui_max_sres.patch
  • Increase Diagnose -f length. maui_buf_size.patch
  • Fixes a bug. maui.idlejobdepth.patch
  • v3.2-2 includes maui-3.2.6_p21-pbs-nodefile.patch, see ticket #1


There are three yum repositories

which are hopefully in increasing levels of stability.


The rpms are built with the kindly provided hellasgrid koji instance. requires authorization

To build an RPM from SVN.

koji -c ~/.koji/greece-config build centos5-maui 'svn+'

if successful this will appear in the devel repository.

To move a package to release.

koji -c ~/.koji/greece-config tag-pkg centos5-maui-testing maui-3.3-1.el5 koji -c ~/.koji/greece-config tag-pkg centos5-maui maui-3.3-1.el5

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